3 Cool Advantages Of Having A Smart Sprinkler Controller

For a lot of years, a sprinkler system for your lawn had the basic function of turning on at even intervals to water your lawn. While lawn sprinklers are definitely advantageous all on their own, just like other home features, lawn sprinklers have made their way to the 21st century where everything is a little more technologically advanced. The fact is, now you can have a smart lawn sprinkler system much like you can have a smart home. This is accomplished by integrated a smart sprinkler controller. Check out these cool advantages that you will reap by installing a smart sprinkler controller along with your sprinkler system. 

Control your water sprinklers from anywhere you want. 

You are at the office and remember you forgot to set the sprinkler system before you left the house. If you have a smart controller for your lawn sprinklers, this is no problem at all. You can simply log into the Wi-fi connected controller and manually turn the sprinklers on right from your smartphone or computer. These systems have internet access, so the user interface can be accessed by just about any device while you are away from home, which can be incredibly convenient. 

Keep closer tabs on how much water your sprinkler system is using. 

Are you trying to cut the costs of your average monthly water usage? If so, a smart sprinkler system can definitely be handy to have. Some of the best smart controllers can give you an instant reading of things like:

  • How many gallons of water your sprinkler system has used in one day
  • How many gallons of water the system has used for the month
  • How much water on average it takes to water your lawn on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis

Ensure your lawn is only watered when mother nature doesn't take care of it. 

Imagine if your sprinkler system could detect when there was rain forecast for the day and not water the lawn. With a smart sprinkler control, this is exactly what happens. These controllers actually monitor local weather forecasts and the probability of rain. If there is rain heading your way, the controller will prevent the sprinkler from kicking on. If something happens and the ran bypasses you, the system can survey local precipitation levels after the rain passed through and water your lawn as needed. This means no more over-saturation or unnecessary lawn watering. Visit a site like http://www.krupskesprinklers.com for more help.