3 Myths About Residential Water Filtration Systems

Your home's water system is essential for those living in the house. However, the quality of the water that flows into a home will vary based on an assortment of factors. For homeowners that want their home's water quality to be as high as possible, it is important to make sure that several common myths are dispelled.

Myth 1: Only Older Homes Will Benefit From Water Filtration Systems

A common assumption that homeowners will have about water filtration systems is that they are only necessary for older homes. This assumption can stem from the idea that deteriorating pipes or years worth of mineral deposits are the only causes for water quality issues. Yet, there are many external factors that can influence the quality of a home's water.

For example, the condition of the pipes that bring water to the property will be an important factor as corrosion, mineral deposits and other issues in these pipes can degrade the water before it even reaches the home. Furthermore, the source of the local water supply can be another factor that influences the taste and quality of the water. Due to these reasons, even new homes will likely benefit from having a water filtration system installed.

Myth 2: A Water Filter Will Have To Be Installed On Each Faucet

It is easy to assume that a water filtration device will need to be installed on each faucet in the home. However, this can be an expensive option that is not entirely necessary. This is due to the availability of whole-house filtration systems. These systems will be installed at the primary water intake for the home, which will allow them to filter all of the water before it enters the home. A whole-house system will need to be installed by professionals as this can be a fairly advanced upgrade to make.

Myth 3: It Is Difficult To Maintain Water Filtration Systems

A common reason for homeowners to avoid the installation of filtration systems will be due to worries about the amount of maintenance that will be needed. However, a water filtration system will be remarkably simple to maintain. Typically, these systems will only need to have their primary filter changed every few months to continue to provide your home with the highest quality water possible. When replacing these filters, make sure to only use the type of filter that is recommended by the manufacturer. Using subpar or incorrectly fitted filters can severely impair the ability of the system to remove impurities from the water.

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