Mistakes To Avoid When Converting Your Bedroom Closet Into A Bathroom

As part of your home remodeling project, you may have decided to turn your master bedroom's walk-in closet into a small bathroom. However, before you start tearing into walls and installing fixtures, make sure you avoid the following mistakes while planning and implementing your plan to convert the closet into a bathroom.

Neglecting to Take Space Into Account

When you picture your dream master bathroom, you may picture a large bathtub with jets and a toilet area with an intricately designed partition wall. However, before you start buying your dream fixtures, you need to make sure the space within the closet can accommodate the sizes.

Carefully measure the usable space within your closet at least twice to get an accurate view of what it will hold. Then, make a scaled drawing of the bathroom so you can take it with you when you go shopping. As you look at different fixtures, compare the space on your drawing to see if they will fit. However, do not neglect to take into account any plumbing that will take up space outside of your walls, such as the toilet tank.

While selecting each desired fixture, draw in a scaled version on your plan so that you can see how much space it will take up. This will also allow you to see whether another fixture will fit, such as your large bathtub next to a double vanity. If not, you will need to scale back on either one fixture or both to make them fit.

Forgetting to Waterproof the Closet

Another mistake you should avoid when converting your closet into a bathroom is forgetting to take measures to waterproof the space as much as you can. Right now, you probably have regular latex paint and may even have some gaps along the bottoms of the baseboards.

However, since the bathroom will have moisture, you need to take steps to avoid water damage that could deteriorate the walls and even make its way into your bedroom. Make sure you plan on caulking the baseboards or any other gaps your find. Also, select a paint that is water-resistant and scrubbable so that it does not peel soon after you build your bathroom.

Avoiding the above mistakes while planning and preparing for your closet-to-bathroom makeover can help you avoid problems in the future. If you are uncertain as to how to successfully plan and complete your conversion, speak with a company that provides bathroom design services to discuss your options.