Installing Floating Shelves? 3 Ways To Secure Them

If you are installing floating shelves in your home and are doing this on your own, you need to ensure they are secure. Fortunately, you have different options to choose from, three of which are listed below.

Use Brackets

Brackets are the best option you have to secure your floating shelves. This is because these brackets are not seen at all. In fact, when someone looks at your floating shelves, the only things they will see are the floating shelves. 

You can find brackets that are specifically made for floating shelves. Visit a hardware store to find these brackets. Make sure you tell them the type of floating shelves that you have so the hardware store employee can choose the right type for you. Once you receive them, they are generally easy to install and should come with complete instructions.

Use Anchors

If you do not want to use brackets, you can use anchors instead. If you choose this, it is critical that you choose the right type of anchor. Make sure you tell the salesperson the type of floating shelves you have as well as their dimensions to ensure you purchase the right anchors. 

When you look at anchors, you will see they are rated by weight. Consider what you will be placing on your floating shelves to determine the weight the anchor needs to hold. You should also consider things that you may put on the shelves at a later time that may be even heavier. For example, decorative items weigh much less than something like books. If you plan to place something very heavy on your shelves, you should also purchase toggle bolts to go along with the anchors. 

Use Screws

For hardware that is also hidden from view, you can use screws. To do this, you have to find the studs in the wall where you are going to hang your shelves. The screws themselves have to be strong enough to handle the weight of the shelves and what you are placing on them. You can use a stud finder in order to find the studs. This can be purchased at any home improvement store.

Once you find the studs, lay the shelves on the wall and mark where you want to hang them. You can then pre-drill the holes. Place the screws in the hole and hang your shelves. You want the screw to be long enough to go deep into the stud to ensure it is completely secure.  

Visit a store that sells floating shelf hardware to get more information if you are not sure what you want to use.