Why Twin Beds Are Generally Best For Kid’s Rooms

If you are looking for the right bedroom set for your child, then you might want to make sure you stick with a twin mattress while they are still young. There are a lot of reasons why twin mattresses make great ones for children's rooms. Here are some of the reasons why twin beds can be good:

You can purchase a twin for less

When you are looking for a bed for your young child, you might want to keep the cost down. When you buy a bed for yourself, you know it is going to stay in good condition for years. In fact, while there is a common myth that a bed should be replaced every 8 years, the truth is a bed can last you much longer depending on how well you care for it, how often you turn it, and what quality of mattress you have.

However, with your child's bed, they may be quite rough with it, spilling things on it, coloring it with markers, poking it with pencils, and even soiling it at night. When you know there is the chance of the bed being a bit abused, you want to go with a twin that's going to be more affordable because you know you'll likely have to replace it sooner than you may like.

A twin can fit in many children's bed sets

When you are looking for bedroom sets for your child, you'll quickly learn that these sets are generally designed to fit twin mattresses. Children's bedroom sets that include things like kid sports car beds, bunk bed sets, daybed bedroom sets, and others will be built to fit twin beds. This is because most parents tend to want twin beds for their kids since their kids will fit fine in that size of bed anyway.

 A twin bed takes up less room

Another reason for getting a twin bed for your child is due to their size. The smaller size of the twin bed will take up less room in your child's bedroom and this means they have more room for the things that children tend to have in their bedrooms. Just some examples of these things include toy boxes, dollhouses, kid's tables, and chairs, and their desks.


Once you consider the information here, you may have an easier time coming to a decision on the size of bed that you should get for your child's room.