Reclaimed Lighting And Décor Ideas For The Home

Give your home interiors a warm vintage feel this summer with reclaimed or refurbished lighting and decor. Got a cozy farmhouse theme going on? Try the following home lighting and accessory suggestions for your abode:

Watch Where You Put Them

Interior modern lighting ideas and trends include placing light fixtures in the corners of your room, out of the way. This makes the room seem more spacious and allows for a diffused, relaxing kind of light. Move thrifted lamps, pendants, and floor lights to the four corners of your room and see for yourself!

Go With Edison

While Edison bulbs have only been widely available in recent years, they still give a very vintage appearance in your fixtures and lamps. Try using wall sconces with Edison bulbs; it creates a nice integration of modern and vintage in one lighting fixture. If you are unfamiliar with Edison bulbs, they are works of art in themselves and a great addition to your reclaimed light fixtures.

Try Kitsch in the Kitchen

Farmhouse lighting ideas seem especially fitting for the kitchen, creating a warm and welcoming hub in any home. Repurpose everyday items into lamps, like crockery, colanders, and even vintage toys to fit the theme that you currently have in your kitchen.

Recycle Something

Another way to reinforce the farmhouse theme in your home is to repurpose everyday items and transform them into one-of-a-kind decor. You may see some of these at craft shows or galleries using items like culinary implements, vintage tools, or even automotive parts. Start looking through home interior venues and antique stores for inspiration and objects that may be the perfect accent or lighting fixture for your home's interiors.

Make Wood Good

Give old or damaged wood accents, like molding or sconces, a quick makeover with distressing. Add water to acrylic paint and give the fixture a streaky coat for a shabby chic look that is very cohesive with the vintage or repurposed design style. Think about using a contrasting shade of paint to bring something new to the fixture and to your overall room décor.

Take It Outside

Continue the theme of repurposed home décor outside with outdoor lighting that echoes the same vibe as inside your home. Try suspending unique aluminum or metal light fixtures from the eave of your house, a fence, or even a tree!

Before you buy new light fixtures or accents for your home, take a look around at what you can recycle and reuse. Also, be careful wary about using vintage light fixtures that may need electrical updates or repairs first; consult with a licensed electrician to be safe. Use these tips to repurpose unique items for new home décor!

Contact a store with a reclaimed home decor collection for more information.