Luxury Stone Flooring Options

Designing the luxury home of your dreams means picking out all the perfect details. One of the more important details will be your flooring choice. Luxury stone flooring is an excellent choice if you want your home to radiate elegance. The following can help you choose the best types of stone for the different rooms in your home.


Marble is one of the most luxurious options available, although it isn't suitable for every application. Marble can stain easily, particularly from acidic items like wine and food spills, although any liquid can lead to a stain. For this reason, marble is usually reserved for rooms where food and drink aren't commonly enjoyed. So although you may not want marble in the kitchen or bathroom, it can be an excellent option for studies, sitting rooms, and hallways.


Most people are aware of granite as a countertop material, but this durable and attractive stone also works well for flooring. Granite is less porous and more stain-resistant compared to marble, particularly if it is sealed, so it works well for all rooms in a home. You will also have a range of color choices with granite, which means it can be adapted to nearly any decor scheme in the home.


Quartz is made of natural quartz sand combined with calcium carbonate to form the flooring slabs or tiles. It is one of the hardest stone flooring options available, which makes it suitable for high traffic areas of the home, like kitchens and walkways. Quartz flooring is available in a range of colors that make it suitable for nearly any room or decor.


Limestone is extremely popular due to its attractiveness and durability. It can stain easily, but annual sealing prevents the problem. Although porous, limestone is less porous than marble and sealing will prevent most stains. It also comes in a range of colors, many of them resembling marble. This makes limestone a good option in rooms where you would like marble without having to worry about the stains, like in the bathroom or kitchen.


This stone was once only used for outdoor applications, but its extreme durability has made it a  modern favorite indoors as well. Flagstone tends to have a more rustic look, making it an excellent choice for farmhouse and country villa designs. Further, it is low maintenance, making it a good choice for any room in the home.

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