Tips To Make Refinishing Your Hardwood Floors Less Of A Mess

Over the years, your hardwood flooring will begin to look worn and in need of refinishing. So many people put this project off because it is a big project that can turn your life upside-down while it's completed. Here, you'll find a few tips that'll help to make the entire process a little easier for your family to endure.

Hire a Professional

There are tons of videos that'll show you how easy it is to refinish your hardwood floors, but what a lot of those videos don't show you is how easy it is to mess up the beautiful wood, nor do they show you how tired you'll be at the end of the day.

Hiring a professional to refinish the hardwood flooring will not only eliminate all of the work from your day, but it will ensure that the job is done right and your floors will look as good as new. You can't guarantee what would happen if you were to try to take this big project on without professional help.

Rent a Storage Pod

You don't want to trash the entire house trying to get this project completed. Instead of shoving as much furniture into the surrounding rooms as possible, rent a storage pod and have it delivered to your driveway. Then, you'll be able to move the contents of the rooms that you're working on into the pod until all of the work is done. This will eliminate the piles of furniture that you'll have to climb over or squeeze past to get from one room to the next.

Hang Plastic in Doorways

Even the dust-free hardwood refinishing process creates dust. To make clean-up a little easier and keep the mess in one area, get some masking tape and some heavy-duty plastic. Hang the plastic in each doorway, taping down one side, as well as the top. This will help to keep it closed as people pass through it several times each day.

Tip: Even if you have doors to close, hanging plastic over those doorways will help to decrease the dust that slips through the cracks around the door.

Swiffer After

After the project is complete, you'll need to dust every surface of the room. To make this a little faster, get yourself a Swiffer duster set – you'll just need to run the Swiffer pad over the surface and all of that dust will be trapped and ready to be thrown away.

In the end, you'll be pleased that you've finally gotten this project completed. Hopefully, the tips above will help you get through it as easily as possible. For more information, contact a company like Kenton Carpet Care that offers hardwood floor refinishing.