Finish Terms to Understand When Picking Countertops for Your Home

Picking out countertops for your home is one of those things that can make or break the overall design. In order to pick the best, it is good if you have a basic understanding of some of the terminology used to describe different finishes. Here is a look at some of those terms. 

Matte—Matte is a term typically used to describe the finish of a countertop. When something has a matte finish, it basically means it has a dull sheen and not much shine at all. Matte countertop finishes work well in a lot of spaces because they attract the eye but don't have that industrial or commercialized modern feel to them. Therefore if you have a farmhouse-style kitchen or something a bit more traditional, matte finishes work well. Likewise, the matte finish looks better on certain types of countertops, such as Cambria countertops made of quartz that have their own flecks of natural sparkle. 

High-Gloss—Just as it sounds, high-gloss finishes have a super glossy finish. When these countertops are clean, they have a superior shine that can reflect light in the space. For people who like this natural reflection and appearance of superior shininess, high-gloss finishes are a good choice. It is not uncommon for high-gloss to be the finish applied to things like granite or concrete countertops because the material itself can be lacking luster on its own. 

Honed—Honed finishes are a bit more like a satin finish. Just like if you were talking about paint finishes, a honed finish is not quite flat or dull enough to be deemed as matte and bosts a bit of a silky gloss. This medium between high-gloss and matte is a nice solution for a lot of homeowners who simply can't decide which finish would work out best with their interior design theme. 

Textured—Textured countertop finishes are not quite as common as others, but there are some out there to choose from and they have a beautiful natural sort-of appeal. You will find textured countertops more in areas other than the kitchen because kitchens usually need flat, even surfaces that are easy to keep clean. For example, a laundry room may have a textured stone countertop that is used for a folding surface for clothing. Something like wood or marble countertops can have a textured finish for a bit of added flair. 

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