Three Reasons To Choose A Hanging Fireplace

When you picture a fireplace, there's a good chance that you imagine something that is built into a wall. While this design is common, it's not the only type of fireplace that you'll encounter. When you visit a local fireplace retailer, you'll find a wide range of styles to evaluate. One design that may catch your eye is a hanging fireplace, which is sometimes also known as a suspended fireplace. As either term suggests, this is a model that hangs from the ceiling and doesn't actually sit on the floor. Here are some reasons that you might wish to add a hanging fireplace to your home.

It's A Conversation Starter

Most people are used to seeing fireplaces that are built into the wall or that sit on the floor, which means that some people you invite into your home will be seeing a hanging model for the first time. This type of fireplace can definitely be a conversation starter, and you may enjoy watching the expressions on peoples' faces when they first see your new product. Other types of fireplaces may get a reaction, but the reactions will likely pale in comparison to what you'd get upon people seeing this unique design.

It Can Work In Many Places

Another reason that a hanging fireplace can be a good choice is that it can work well in a wide range of locations around your home. Many conventional fireplaces vent out the wall, which means that they need to be positioned on an exterior wall. Because a hanging fireplace vents straight out of the roof, you have many options for situating it. If you have a large living room that you've set up in a circular manner, it can be fun to mount the hanging fireplace in the middle of the room where it can be an enjoyable focal point.

It Can Distribute Heat More Evenly

Your ability to position a hanging fireplace in many areas of your home can result in better heat distribution. A fireplace against the wall in the corner of a room can make that side of the room toasty and warm, but you could feel a little chilly sitting across the room—particularly if it's large. Many hanging models have openings all the way around them, which means that they'll distribute heat 360 degrees. You may find that this design does a better job of heating the entire room.

Contact a fireplace retailer for more information.