Troubleshooting A Vehicle Ignition Key That Will Not Easily Turn

If you have a car and notice that the key does not turn smoothly in the ignition, then you may find it difficult to turn your car on. This can be a serious issue if you need to get to work or school in a timely manner. If you find yourself with this problem, then there may be a few different things going on. Keep reading to understand what they are and what you need to do to repair the problem. Read More 

What Are Phorid Flies & Why Are They Dangerous to Your Family’s Health?

If you notice tiny flies crawling erratically over your television screens, sink drains and kitchen counters, you may wonder if the pests are fruit flies or something else. The annoying pests are called phorid flies, also known as humpbacked flies. Humpbacked flies can be hazardous to your health because they can pick up germs from dead organisms and spread diseases to you or your family members. The pests may also be hard to stop unless you find and secure the places that breed and attract them. Read More 

Apple Tree Not Getting Enough Water? Place An Irrigation System Around It With These Tips

If your apple tree doesn't produce fruit because it can't receive enough water from the soil, place an irrigation system around it. Apple trees tend to flourish or grow best when they have sufficient water. But if you live in an area or state that experiences droughts or low rain, your tree may not receive enough water to help it bear fruit. Apple trees may also demand more water during certain times of the year than other times, which may hinder the tree's growth or ability to ripen fruit at the right time. Read More