Making Your Home and Garden Beautiful

Luxury Stone Flooring Options

Designing the luxury home of your dreams means picking out all the perfect details. One of the more important details will be your flooring choice. Luxury stone flooring is an excellent choice if you want your home to radiate elegance. The following can help you choose the best types of stone for the different rooms in your home. Marble Marble is one of the most luxurious options available, although it isn't suitable for every application. Read More 

Reclaimed Lighting And D├ęcor Ideas For The Home

Give your home interiors a warm vintage feel this summer with reclaimed or refurbished lighting and decor. Got a cozy farmhouse theme going on? Try the following home lighting and accessory suggestions for your abode: Watch Where You Put Them Interior modern lighting ideas and trends include placing light fixtures in the corners of your room, out of the way. This makes the room seem more spacious and allows for a diffused, relaxing kind of light. Read More 

Three Fireplace Cleaning Tips For Homeowners

A wood-burning fireplace can provide both warmth and a comfortable ambiance to your home. Of course, the fireplace will also require regular maintenance and cleaning so that it functions well and doesn't become a safety hazard. The following are three regular tasks that need to be done regularly. 1. Ash Removal How often you need to remove the ash from the fireplace depends on how much you use it. Some ash in the fireplace is harmless and can actually be beneficial because it makes it easier to maintain an evenly burning fire. Read More 

Why Twin Beds Are Generally Best For Kid’s Rooms

If you are looking for the right bedroom set for your child, then you might want to make sure you stick with a twin mattress while they are still young. There are a lot of reasons why twin mattresses make great ones for children's rooms. Here are some of the reasons why twin beds can be good: You can purchase a twin for less When you are looking for a bed for your young child, you might want to keep the cost down. Read More 

A New Lawn And Garden Store

Garden stores have lots of items. Some of them might not directly relate to gardening.  Some Garden Shops Have Started to Become Less Specialized Regarding Their Product Selection People are starting to see a lot of stores develop a very diverse selection of products these days. Lots of stores are becoming department stores in one way or another, and this is the case with some lawn stores. People can now find items that have little to do with gardening at these stores, although there will be plenty of gardening items, too. Read More